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                           Bead Meets Metal - Jewelry Design and Instruction
embellishment . . . an ornament or decoration, a useful accessory, something that lends grace or beauty,  a manner or quality that adorns
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Book for sale:  My book "Bead Meets Metal" published by Kalmbach Publishing is now available!  The book is a collection of my jewelry designs featuring beads, semi precious gemstones and found objects.  Many fabricated jewelry metals design options to feature your collectible beads.  See my book interview with page snapshots on youtube.  You may order my autographed book by using the button to the right @ $21.95 + $6.95 shipping & handling. You can also order from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and at the Kalmbach Store website.  

Art Jewelry Magazine:
  • Art Jewelry Magazine's website currently features two technical reference articles I authored.  Go to Art Jewelry Magazine's website to register for free access to these and many more jewelry making technical articles and videos. 
          1) 14 Tips to Improve the Way You Make Metal Jewelry
          2) Tutorial: How to Anneal Metal

Photo credit: James Forbes, 2011